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Madanda Hockey Cup 2013

The Kodava Hockey Festival is one of the most sought after events in Kodagu and has been organized every year since 1997. A single Kodava family undertakes the responsibility for conducting the Kodava hockey festival every year. The privilege of organising it in the year 2013 has been bestowed on the Madanda family. The Kodava hockey festival has increasingly caught the fancy of talented and enthusiastic hockey players, young and old. The festival paints a full picture of vitality and true sportsmanship. The intent of the Madanda Hockey Cup 2013 is to glorify these flavours. The event will bring together all hockey aficionados, young and old, amateurs and professionals to play the game. Expected to garner a viewership of over 500,000 people, the tournament will commence with an exhibition match between Punjab XI and Coorg XI.